Version 3.197 (November 29, 2022)
  • Overall: added the ability to change the GST value used in Online Training, LMS training records importing from other platforms and SMS (text messaging) billing. #4263
Winter Holidays Promotion:
Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2022 Custom Development:
New features or customizations executed at 20% discount*, development of custom forms (templates) at 50% discount**.
(*) 20% discount applicable for up to 40 hours; beyond that and up to 100 hours: 10% discount; beyond 100 hours: regular fee; (**) up to five simple, standard forms (one-two pages), advanced logic or layout quoted at regular fee.
OPTIC Mobile is available on Google Play and App Store, free to use - with your regular user name and password:
Online Training: custom-configurable add-on with training material uploaded to OPTIC server or from third-party sources. Beside the training itself, the module allows candidates to upload their own information, e.g. driver information details or previous training details with certificates from other training platforms, all following an approval process from designated administrators. Please contact Technical Support to enable it.
OPTIC GPS: OPTIC is integrated with EAGLE GPS tracking platform (www.eaglegps.ca). Activate your GPS tracking devices and real-time geolocation will be displayed under Employee Management or Tools & Equipment Management. Please contact Technical Support for details.
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