Version 3.53.3 (Nov 15, 2019)
  • Reports: added the ability to generate report PDF in both Portrait and Landscape orientations; after generating a report, look for a Report PDF in Landscape orientation checkbox at top of page (persistent, user-specific setting) next to Show this section on Print / PDF checkbox. Also, the Scheduled Reports (top-right icon in all reports) has now a new column: Landscape - which would allow a particular report to be generated in Portrait or Landscape orientation.
OPTIC Learning Management System (LMS) add-on, allowing taking online training within OPTIC. Please contact Technical Support / Sales for details. For a basic video presentation of first version click here. The add-on has improved considerably since then and we'll continue to do that based on customer feedback.
OPTIC GPS add-on, allowing asset tracking using GPS tracking devices.
Currently under development, aiming to provide a prototype by the end of 2019.
Versions 3.53, 3.53.1 and 3.53.2:
  • Employee Management / Training: added a Crop Tool allowing extraction of training certificates from an image or PDF file and creation of corresponding training records for each - e.g. when a scanned page or picture is provided, with multiple training certificates on it. Please look for a Crop Tool button at top-right corner of Training page. Screenshot:
  • Reports: added three new report parameters to Employee Training Report - List: Show Status Column (default: Yes), Expiring Days (visible only when Show Status Column is Yes) and Can Repeat Names (details displayed in their proximity).
  • Reports: improved the performance of PDF generation for live reports (downloaded or emailed - as per icons displayed at top-left of reports).
  • OPTIC API: added API call logging to Update (wsupdate user) and Export (wsexport user) calls (disabled by default - please contact Technical Support to enable them; when enabled, may slightly affect performance and database size; logging can be enabled/disabled individually).
  • Incident Management: fixed an issue related to processing the business rules used in Incident Circulate - causing occasional duplication of notifications sent.
v1.1(.1) PUBLISHED on May 7, 2019 (iOS devices - iPhone/iPad).
For a direct link, click here: OPTIC Mobile
v1.1.1 PUBLISHED on June 23, 2019 (Android devices). Pending redeployment as v1.1.1
For a direct link, click here: OPTIC Mobile
Technical Support:
  • Email us to optic@friendlyeagle.com: we are here to help, therefore please do not hesitate to send us feedback or report issues - unless your corporate policy requires to send them through a few key people / top safety managers / etc.; we'll do our best to be responsive and provide great service.