Ashburn, VA
Version 3.13.2 (December 7, 2018)
  • Employee Management: added "Shareholder" to Advanced Search when security context "EmployeeManagement ⇒ AdditionalInfo ⇒ Shareholder" permits.
Version 3.13, 3.13.1:
  • Main Modules: added settings to enable or disable the Organization filter at top-right corner of screen on the blue bar (individual/independent setting for each module; please note that the setting applies to ALL users); when disabled, the filter is equivalent to "All Organizations"; screenshot:
  • PDF Generation: fixed an issue related to the CSS styles used when generating a PDF file, e.g. for reports.
  • Settings: provided an internal tool to all users with access to SETTINGS ⇒ Inspection Management ⇒ Templates to allow editing a template using the user interface, as opposed to editing raw HTML; the tool has been previously used by Technical Support only and please note that it is not 100% bug-free and we don't plan to work on improving it due to other development priorities, but it can definitely help (the raw HTML contains a lot of structured identifiers like ""#7#0#1" and it is very time consuming to shift them all manually when inserting a new row, e.g. to ""#8#0#1"); screenshot:
Other Development:
  • In Progress
    KPI Management & Dashboard: we have started re-working the Performance Management module (to be renamed to "KPI Management"). Please continue to send us your recommendations (short description and/or screenshots) for basic KPIs that you would like to see in the system. The Dashboard would provide key visual information at a glance, e.g. centralized calculated value(s) or pie / bar / line charts - with a drill-down implementation to allow showing more details. We are aiming to have something ready to use in January 2019.
    Here are a few screenshots:
  • LMS Service: we will gradually start working on integrating various LMS (Learning Management Systems) with OPTIC, in the following order:
    In Progress
    Yardstick -
    In Progress
    Online Learning Enterprises -
    3. Talent LMS -
    4. BisTrainer - (please let us know if you would like to see an integration with BisTrainer, they won't work with us unless one of their customers requests that feature; we need to contact them from your behalf)
    The order has been established based on the feedback received from all our customers. Those third-party learning systems would allow taking a course in your preferred e-Learning (LMS) online application then have that training imported automatically into OPTIC (Employee Management / Training). If you use any other e-Learning (LMS) systems, please let us know - so that we could contact their Support team to find out if they have any API capabilities to interface with OPTIC. We may have something ready to use in January 2019.
  • OPTIC Offline (mobile application): we will gradually start working on a new mobile app, as the current one is lacking features and performance. Our intent is to offer a basic operation on the records of all main modules (Contractor / Employee / Incident / Inspection / JHA / Meeting / SDS / Tools and Equipment / Wellness Management) as well as Resources - operating in both online and offline modes. The application should be available on iOS and Android devices, possibly on Windows systems/devices as well. We may have the basic app ready in January 2019, continuing to improve it afterwards.