HSE platform with LMS (Online Training) add-on, connected to

If you've used OPTIC before or your organization is related to an existing OPTIC customer, you may qualify for a discount. Also, people move in their careers, sometimes changing the organizations they work for: through that, they bring their OPTIC experience to the new workplaces, therefore the applicable discounts.

OPTIC Mobile: Our mobile application (Android & iOS) complements the Web application and there is no additional cost to use it. Please see MOBILE section for details.

Online Training (OPTIC LMS): Add-on module (additional subscription required), released August 2019 - allowing taking online training within OPTIC. Essentially any training material can be uploaded (MP4, AVI, PDF, Power Point, Word, etc. files) or linked externally (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. files). Quiz questions can be defined with with a rich set of configurations (PASS criteria as 75% correct answers, quiz timeouts, mandatory questions, single or multiple answers. etc.). Employees review the training material and answer the quiz. If PASSED, a standard training record is appended to employee's training profile together with a QR code certificate and supervisors / managers / administrative personnel are notified about the new training taken through business rules (similar notifications on FAIL). We are also offering an API for retrieving training data (JSON format) and training certificates. Cost: $3 / ACTIVE LMS user per month. Volume discounts apply. No setup or hidden fees, no minimum number of users, no long-term commitments (month-to-month), no cancellation fees.

Below is a video presenting the Online Training module. For best image quality, please open it in YouTube.
Same presentation in PDF format:

Integration with EAGLE GPS: Commercial containers, trucks, cars, various hardware, computers, etc. or employees tracked through EAGLE GPS platform can be linked to OPTIC equipment or employees and when that link is established, their geolocation is available in OPTIC as well. EAGLE GPS is a completely different product, fully developed, owned and maintained by Friendly Eagle Software Inc. For details, please visit (separate subscription required).

LMS / Training Bridges: Add-on feature (additional subscription required), allowing daily training data importing from other LMS / Online Training platforms through API calls: BIS Trainer, OSG Online (former Online Learning Enterprises), Yardstick / Rapid LMS (We Know Training / Danatech).

Data Bridges (FTP): Automate data movement from your applications or database environment, such as HR apps, to OPTIC – usually as data in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. The cost of developing such bridges may range from $1,200 to $4,500 function of complexity. There is no way to provide a precise evaluation of the cost, as all depends on the specific data structure, data volume and pre-processing that needs to be done, e.g. to correct date formats, remove invalid characters or padding spaces, classify/centralize/convert data, etc.

OPTIC API: The API allows creating/updating or exporting OPTIC records. Enabling the API is a one-time fee of $900. Customizations of the API come at an extra cost.

Electronic Forms (Templates): We encourage our customers to convert their paper forms (e.g. inspection forms) into electronic format themselves, with minimal assistance from us (Technical Support). If fully done by us, the cost for those forms (one-two pages) is $200 a piece or $700 for a group of four. Complex forms are done based on an approved statement of work.

New Features and Custom Development: We can develop new features targeted to your own specific requirements. The changes must not impact normal operation of other customers and they must be consistent with the application, overall. Such developments are executed based on an approved statement of work - providing an hourly estimate. Results are gradually visible and we interact closely with our customers to get their feedback as things move forward. Developments benefiting other OPTIC customers are executed at 50% of total cost.

Technical Support: Included automatically through the DEFAULT SOFTWARE. We have the reputation of a very responsive and outstanding Technical Support, resolving any potential issues as quickly as possible - keeping our customers informed along the way. We are also listening to customer feedback, incorporating as much as possible according to our development agenda or as custom (financially assisted) development.

For the DEFAULT SOFTWARE (Web application), without OPTIC API, data/LMS bridges or extra customizations, the cost is a function of the number of active employees (ae). That number reflects roughly the effort your subscription will put on our system and the database size.

Below are a few examples (monthly costs):
- 0 to 49 active employees: $250 ($5.10/ae)
- 50 to 99 active employees: $310 ($3.13/ae)
- 100 to 149 active employees: $420 ($2.82/ae)
- 150 to 199 active employees: $480 ($2.41/ae)
- 200 to 249 active employees: $540 ($2.17/ae)
- 500 to 549 active employees: $900 ($1.64/ae)
- 950 to 999 active employees: $1,440 ($1.44/ae)
- 1900 to 1999 active employees: $2,580 ($1.29/ae)
- 3000 to 3099 active employees: $3,900 ($1.26/ae)
- 5000 to 5099 active employees: $5,800 ($1.14/ae)
- 8000 to 8099 active employees: $8,900 ($1.10/ae)

There is also an initial setup fee (e.g. $750 for 0 to 49 ae, $775 for 50 to 99 ae, $800 for 100 to 149 ae and so on) which includes initial orientation and importing of a basic employee list from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. There is no long-term contract (30 days advance notice to stop using the Web app, with no penalties).

Please contact us for a formal quote.