The Software

The OPTIC System is a Web-based safety software that integrates database and Internet communication technologies to help people operate healthy, safe, productive workplaces. We have multiple modules in four sections including:

Qualified People. Employee management, including training, Contractor management, Meetings Management and Awards and Incentives; Hazard Identification and Control. Inspections, Job Hazard Assessments, MSDS Tracking, Tools and Equipment; Incident Management. Incident reporting and investigation, Wellness management; Helpful Resources. Forms, documents, safety manuals; Smart Notifications. Action-based system and smart notifications based on an Artificial Intelligence engine.

This is a performance oriented system that counts compliance as only one factor to consider. We also include ease of use, efficient data entry, access to filtered information, tracking outstanding actions, generating standard reports and using the information for continuous improvement.

Online Training (OPTIC LMS): add-on module (additional subcription required), released August 2019 - allowing taking online training within OPTIC. Essentially any training material can be uploaded (files in various formats MP4, AVI, PDF, Power Point, Word, etc.) or linked externally (e.g. YouTube files) then structured in sections (or no sections / flat list), then the quiz questions can be defined with with a rich set of configurations (e.g. defining the PASS criteria as 75% correct answers, quiz timeouts, mandatory questions, single or multiple answers. etc.); an employee would review the training material then answer the quiz; if passed, training is inserted under Employee Management / Training together with a certificate (QR code on certificate) and supervisors/managers/training admins are notified about the new training taken through business rules (similar notifications on FAIL). For pricing information, please see the PRICING section. We are also offerring an API for retrieving training data (JSON format) and training certificates. For a basic introduction, please watch this YouTube video (we are continuously adding new features - which are not shown in that video).

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